Friday, November 10, 2006

Post Election Doldrums

While some political pundits called the “midterm” election results a political landslide for the democrats, the actual outcome was more of a shift. Whlle the leadership changes, the grass roots have changed very little. How this will affect healthcare economics, health information technology remains moot. Some pending legislation sponsored by lame ducks such as Nancy Johnson ® Connecticut will be sidelined. Others such as Pete Stark see this as a new opportunity to construct more private opportunities based on private entrepeneurship to develop the system. Pete Stark, ever the guardian of hospital influence over physicians proposes alternative means of funding provider health IT without direct hospital contributions.

A House bill to extend the use of health IT might be unlikely to pass after its primary sponsor, Rep. Nancy Johnson (R-Conn.), lost her bid for re-election on Tuesday, Health IT Strategist reports. The bill (HR 4157) is a "big ho-hum" that "does nothing," according to ranking subcommittee member Pete Stark (D-Calif.). Stark favors government compensation that will help providers with the initial costs of IT rather than proposals that would have hospitals give money and equipment to physician practices. He also favors building a health IT infrastructure now and then developing its details later, Health IT Strategist reports."I don't think there is any strong incentive now to complete this," said Don Asmonga, director of government relations for the American Health Information Management Association. "The Democrats can now ... push a bill that potentially has more privacy provisions in it," he added (DoBias, Health IT Strategist, 11/8).

CALRHIO, The California Regional Health Information Organization is about at the end of it’s first funding cycle for meetings and assessment of where RHIOs are in California. It provided some very worthwhile structure and format for business development process. Governor Schwarzzenegger has some proposals for funding Health IT. Perhaps in the next year we will see less talk and more action.
A good source for summary information on RHIOs is at the National Health Information Network, to be found at


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As far as politics go it does not really matter who wins or loses the common man always loses, the parties lay the ground like laying turf and then walk all over it, it is us that pay the cost and the price of elections.

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