Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Petabytes and Other Small Numbers

Will EMRs and RHIOs become obsolete even before they are adopted? This month’s “Wired” magazine ( September 2006), in an article entitled “Information Factories” reveals the quantum leap attained by “Google” in it’s storage architecture and the vast data bank and computing power it has developed across a “distributed” network using common everyday inexpensive hardware. Not only is it’s processing power distributed across the internet, so too are it’s vast vaults of information. Is this a harbinger of what will happen to health information technology? Will this be the ‘cost effective’ model that will bypass the present conundrum of financing independent systems? In an area of Oregon close to Columbia River hydropower and relatively inexpensive land 30 acres are being developed at a cross hub of fiberoptic cables with enormous bandwidth and inexpensive electric power to drive the hardware.
This article is a fascinating read for all those interested in health information technology. Google and other search engine providers seem to have the energetic vision and means to turn ideas into reality. Perhaps the gurus of Health IT and EMR should bolt our applications and
Microsoft also is on the edge of enormous changes with it’s change of executive leadership. The September issue of “Wired” also has commentary on where Microsoft is headed in the next decade.


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