Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Summer Publication

Inland Empire RHIO Meeting
For those of you waiting to hear when the next IERHIO will be held.  I have purposefully been postponing another meeting until the fall.  Summer is now here.  There are numerous developments occurring nationwide and in California.  Several hospitals have formed their own small data sharing initiatives, with creative financing. (see references on this blog to Hemet Valley Health Systems).
The State of California, although quiet at the moment is developing a comprehensive plan for funding RHIOs.  I think that political activity, lobbying legislators and the Governor’s office will also catalyze action.
ONCHIT has been publishing a new blog, and there are now several RSS aggregating sites that organize all blogs related to health care and specific areas of interest therein.  
Microsoft has released a new version of Outlook as part of it’s beta2 release of Office 2007.  If you are a risk taker,  I recommend it….it can easily be removed.  It needs at least 1GB of RAM to run well.  The new outlook has RSS capabilities to automatically acquire all the newest blog feeds you like to read.
I think we are still in the process of gathering information and data as to what, when and where we go with our RHIO….if anywhere.
In assessing  patient reactions to EMR, the response is variable. Some are wildly enthusiastic, many share privacy concerns (which are very real, if you read about the VA and other  health data bases).  Some are consternated when they go to the doctor’s office and find him more engrossed in his computer screen, than their conversation or body.  The ethnology and workflow are critical to EMR….it’s not the same (or maybe it is) as going to a bank or a mortgage company. Perhaps speech recognition will help along this avenue.
I wish you all a great summer.  I plan to only publish once in July and August.
Gary Levin MD


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