Monday, June 12, 2006

eHealth Initiative WEBEX Conference

I attended a national Web Conference today hosted by eHealth Initiative. There were several major players who presented. CALRHIO (California Regional Health Information Organization presented a major portion of the conference. They are reaching the critical point where most of the work will be done for individual RHIOs throughout the state of California. If anyone wants the details contact me at or contact Karen Hunt at CALRHIO.

Although David Brailer MD has resigned as head of ONCHIT, the office remains open and well staffed. The office will soon receive official congressional recognition with funding from congress rather than the executive branch, when President Bush set up it's health IT function in 2004.

It appears that the groundwork of many hundreds of volunteers has reached a critical mass. The applications of many RHIOs and Health Information Exchanges for non profit status has gained the attention of the IRS, and it will soon be evaluating whether or not these community efforts are worthy of a non-profit designation.

CALRHIO will have a Southern California Summit on June 22 at the LAX Airport. In September eHealth Initiative is having a summit meeting in Washington, D.C. As part of this activity a "Hill Day" is being scheduled for constituents to meet with their elected representatives, regarding the need for legislation to enable Health IT to move forward.


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