Monday, May 15, 2006

CALRHIO California Regional Health Information Oranization has acquired the talents of Melanie Allison as Technology Project Director. Her background and accomplishments can be found at the CALRHIO website,

The Utah Health Information Network has been cited as a financially sustainable model for RHIOs.

The report touted the Utah Health Information Network (UHIN) for its ability to articulate their long-term sustainability and tested revenue model. The report cited UHIN's ability "to discuss their value proposition and sustainable organizational model."

In addition, the report stated "UHIN's financing model for administrative transactions may be the closest to the sustainable framework States are seeking."

HTP, Inc. developed the technology platform UHIN was built upon.

To learn more about the Avalere report, go to this link:
To learn more about HTP and their RHIO technology, go to this link:
To learn more about the Utah Health Information Network, go to this link:

My thanks to Rob Krohn of HTP-inc for this information

Prior to scheduling our next IERHIO meeting, does anyone have comments, suggestions, or otherwise for our agenda?


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