Friday, April 21, 2006

This latest report from Christina Theist

"Dr. David Brailer Resigns from National Coordinator for Health Information Technology Position
It seems Dr. David Brailer has announced that he will be leaving his position with HHS, but will stay on as vice-chair of a key advisory committee and will advise the White House on consumer issues. Dr. Brailer has been commuting from San Francisco and leaving his family weekly and this seems to be the motivation for his decision.

My take is that we need to continue the work that has been started and accept this change as an opportunity for growth! I wish Dr. Brailer and his family the best (as I did once before) and know he will continue to move interoperable health information technology forward!" link back to:

My comments:

Thank you Christina for the late breaking news. I do not believe this is the "death of RHIOs" Dr Brailer has done an enormous job of illuminating the task(s) of implementing Health IT. We still await the reports from the four major vendors working on harmonization standards, the results of which are due out in several months. Hundreds of work groups and state initiatives have sprouted this past year.

I believe at this juncture the regional efforts become much more important, and no one should believe the RHIO or HIN is moribund.


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