Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Certification Standards to be Announced

The Certification Commission for Health IT in June will announce the first group of vendors whose EHR systems meet its data exchange criteria, and the Health IT Standards Panel in late August plans to release the first set of standards, which will focus on the portability of lab results in an EHR system.

Four contractors are scheduled to complete by September their prototypes for a nationwide health information architecture, Government Computer News reports. "It's our expectation at the end of the year, after we've gone through a harmonization process, that we will have identified those standards that will enable the prototypes to be able to exchange data," said Johan Loonsk, director of the Office of Interoperability and Standards in the national coordinator's office.

In addition, Brailer's office will begin working on security and privacy issues, Government Computer News reports. HHS wants states and federal leaders to develop a partnership to create models for privacy, Brailer said (Mosquera, Government Computer News, 4/3).


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