Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Meeting Post Mortems

Despite my pessimism (balanced with my usual polyanna attitude towards life in general)our RHIO meeting from my perspective turned out well. We had several major potential stakeholders here, both listening and providing excellent suggestions.
We added one more member to our steering committee, Cindy Watkins (Arrowhead Regional Medical Center)
Several vendors presented approaches to portals. Ann Donovan who represents CALRHIO gave an excellent overall summary of the state of RHIO in California.

It was mentioned how large our RHIO demographic base is, and that perhaps we should divide it into segments. That may seem less overwhelming to each area, but I think our sheer size has much to offer in terms of vendor competition.

Desert Medical Group
Hemet Valley Health Systems
Riverside Community Hospital
Riverside County Dept of Public Health
Eisenhower Memorial Hospital

Vendor Demonstration Transmed

Anyone else wishing to joing the advisory committee please contact me.
Thanks again to RCMA and SBCMS


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