Monday, February 13, 2006

Consumer Awareness

Seventy percent of consumers do not know about the federal government's efforts to provide electronic health records to most U.S. residents by 2014, according to a survey conducted by IDC's Health Industry Insights, Healthcare IT News reports. The online survey of 1,095 consumers - which was conducted between Nov. 23, 2005 and Dec. 6, 2005 - also found that 45% of those surveyed were confident that digital records in the next few years would replace paper records, compared with 43% who said they were not confident. While many consumers said EHRs would improve health care quality, just 33% said EHRs would reduce health care costs, according to the survey, Healthcare IT News reports.In addition, the survey found that 86% of consumers were very or somewhat concerned about the health care industry's ability to protect medical records. "It's clear that those involved in these efforts to improve health care service delivery - government, providers, vendors, etc. - are being called upon by consumers to clearly demonstrate and effectively publicize evidence that they are making tangible progress and addressing consumer concerns related to privacy and confidentiality," said Marc Holland, author of the report and program director at Health Industry Insights (Broder, Healthcare IT News, 2/10). (image placeholder)


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