Saturday, January 07, 2006

Twenty Questions for RHIOs

  1. How to leverage RHIO connectivity to enhance preventative healthcare or wellness based care?

  2. I wish I knew if the cross-functional healthcare delivery process, when implemented by a RHIO, promoted efficiency and lower cost healthcare?

  3. I wish I knew if RHIO could enhance the quality of life, through wellness care, for our senior citizen housed in a long term care facility?

  4. I wish I knew if RHIO could impact end-of-life healthcare cost or affect hospital quality-of-care numbers, i.e., morbidity?

  5. How to ensure RHIO sustainability, i.e., it would pay for itself?

  6. How to integrate the first responder into the RHIO healthcare delivery process, i.e., during a disaster, pandemic, or terrorist attack?

  7. How to allocate and compensate for use of RHIO healthcare delivery resource, facility, methods and practices?

  8. How to use RHIO as a catalyst towards the adoption of competency centers?

  9. How to use RHIO to enhance the knowledge of the healthcare delivery process knowledge worker?

  10. I wish I knew if it were possible to view RHIO as a farmers cooperative or buyers cooperative?

  11. I wish I knew if RHIO could act as a wellness center of excellence promoting community healthcare awareness?

These were all comments sent to me by Sabatini Monatesti, President of ESEnterprises.

ES Enteprises is a consortium of "best of breed' entrepeneurs who are working with and

developing several major RHIOs. More information is available at

On another note: David Brailer made some interesting and controversial statements regarding what purpose RHIOs serve. They can be found at

My reactions will be posted later this week.


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