Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Private Initiatives

MedUnity, a privately held
company, has launched the first National Health Information Network (NHIN) for
electronic medical record exchange. The service, known as SMREx(TM) (Simple
Medical Record Exchange), allows any medical practice in the US to instantly
and securely exchange electronic medical records. The SMREx service allows
practices to exchange progress notes, lab results, consult letters, and other
electronic patient information using the Internet.

MedUnity has designed the system to overcome the technology implementation
hurdles which have hampered adoption of technology in health care, mainly cost
to implement and initial startup efforts required. Using an Internet browser
and a simple "copy and paste" methodology, every practice will be able to send
medical records directly to a receiving practice, department and/or provider.
Practices will also be able to request records from other practices. "It takes
about an hour of training time to begin using the system effectively," said
"We made it easy to learn, easy to use,
and have reduced startup cost and time to almost zero. None of the other
regional exchange systems available today can offer that combination.
MedUnity's SMREx service enables the largest and smallest practices across the
entire USA to work together on a level playing field. SMREx will significantly
improve the continuity of care between practices for patients. The additional
benefit is the savings in administrative costs," said Brimdyr.
MedUnity is so inspired about the potential upside of the SMREx service
that it will be offering SMREx free of charge to small and mid-sized practices
through May 2006. For more information visit http://www.medunity.com/ or
contact Mary Howard at 508-833-2272 x104.


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