Tuesday, January 10, 2006

ONCHIT's Diminishing Role in the path to RHIOs

A funny thing happened on the way to RHIOs. Today I was having lunch with a laboratory representative regarding our need for clinical laboratory supplies for my ophthalmology practice. I found out I could order lab tests and look up results from my desktop via the internet portal supplied by the lab. I also discovered that this company had purchased an EMR vendor along with their prescription writing programs. The program was robust, fully developed and offered interconnectivity to users using the laboratory. I won't disclose the company just yet. Suffice it to say we are seeing capitalism and individual incentive driving the development of RHIOs in a very practical approach to immediate needs, not some farflung wishful thinking of large organizations using P4P or outcome studies as a motivation for increased reimbursements. That will never work, nor occur.


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