Saturday, December 03, 2005


Yesterday I spent about 4 hours on a webcast sponsored by The Center for Health Transformation. Some of you may recognize the CFHT as the think tank promoted by the former speaker of the house of representatives, Newt Gingrich.  Newt has become a “visionary” (non-partisan) in the area of sea-change and “out of the box” type of thinking regarding governmental reorganization and health care transformation.  To many physicians this is anathema since we are so indoctrinated by our education and training methodology.  Yet there is much of value and truth in his goals.  Whether we can get there is up to us.  

The conference was one of the best I have participated in as to where and what RHIOs are all about.  It was clear that Nebraska, Indiana, and the metro area of Cinncinatti are well along and operational with integrated health information.  Nebraska has successfully developed and operating a self sustaining business model.

You will find this link on    and then   to enter the webcast. It is a long presentation from diverse stakeholders who are at varying stages of implementation.  Those who have accomplished or are near the end game discuss what they have gained.

The efforts require buy-in and commitment (ie, dollars). We as physicians can motivate our institutions that this is the way to go if they want to be players in the 21st century health system.  One thing for certain is that consumers (patients) will assist us in this effort. I recommend informational brochures in your waiting rooms regarding Health Information Technology.

This blog will provide printable material for your use in the very near future.

This will be one of the last updates as we near the holiday season.  Major potential stakeholders will receive a letter from the RHIO in about a week.  In January activity will resume.  Best wishes for a peaceful and happy season.

Gary Levin


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