Saturday, December 24, 2005

On The Other Side of The Mountain

It has been almost a year since I began this blog. Looking back at my early postings I found one with a wide angle view of the San Jacinto Mountains. (February 2005). Little did I realize this mighty monolith was but a pebble compared to the path we must travel to implement HIT. So perhaps I did not realize the symbolism of the photograph. I certainly do now. Unfortunately my assessment of one great barrier is the lack of enthusiasm by my own colleagues and their organizations. I hear more reasons and excuses to let others do it, and why should we pay to implement a system that would benefit others more than ourselves. I don't ever remember hearing this attitude when it comes to "medical miracles" or the thousands of hours we as physicians spend caring for our patients. At this time of year especially we need to humbly reconsider our place in the care of patients as physicians and surgeons. Why would we want less than the best for our patients?

May you all have a joyful season of peace and hope.

Gary Levin


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