Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Syndication of the Inland Empire RHIO Weblog

Our humble weblog has been syndicated by an RSS feed service, THE MEDICAL BLOG NETWORK. This is a consumer oriented blog service with connections to approximately 300 healthcare related blogs. The link, will take you to the home page where you can click on the banner 'about' to learn more about it's goals. The service runs on it's own domain server. Our organization is growing as well, and we expect to move our own blog to their domain. However we will retain own 'branding' (Inland Empire RHIO)

We are making excellent progress. The San Bernardino County M edical Society and Riverside County Medical Association will participate in our early meeting. The main goal will be to construct a steering committee which will guide further developments of the regional health information organization.

I want to share with you the thought process I have used during the past ten months. Fortunately most of my work was enabled by those who have come before me, the other RHIOs in California and CALRHIO provided a wealth of information which prevented me from pursuing the wrong course(s) for Inland RHIO.

In the next month a decision will be made whether to pursue "incubation" of the RHIO by a medical society non profit organization, or an outside non profit, experienced in grant applications, and administrative support. "Incubation" will be necessary while the business structure for a sustainable business model is developed. The steering committee will be charged with making some of these important formative decisions. I want to thank Marcy Zwelling-Aamot M.D. who works with the Long Beach Initiative who has been an invaluable collaborator.
The Long Beach Initiative is closely tied in with the City of Long Beach's Department of Health.
In San Diego, Steve Carson M.D. shared his experience and vision developing the San Diego portal. They worked closely with the Foundation of the San Diego Medical Association. Their portal is now active at

G M Levin M.D.


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