Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Inland Empire RHIO News Update

The past several weeks have seen some new developments locally

A CME lecture was presented at RCRMC for Public Health personell regarding RHIO
The San Bernardino County Medical Society and Riverside County Medical Association are discussing what level of involvement they will have with the RHIO.
Arrowhead Regional Medical Center and the San Bernardino County Department of Health are collaborating on linking their facilities and their clinical laboratories in a data exchange. They have expressed an interest in collaborating with RHIO.

It becomes obvious that although less than 15% of providers use an EMR, there are a number of entities, IPAs, and provider groups as well as hospitals moving toward EMRs.
What can I do to help them merge together in a united and more cost effective goal?

On December 1, 2005 CALRHIO Technical Working Group is meeting on issues regarding data exchange between providers and hospitals. I will be attending via telephone conference.

My overall goal is to help you establish the need for a RHIO and EMRs throughout our region, and also to expand your own knowledge base and make decisions regarding EMRs and RHIOs with some assurance that you have the whole picture.

Within the next several days I will have a link to a power point presentation regarding
the evolution of a "RHIO" at the University of Rochester in New York. Their pilot program analysis of return on investment was so impressive that demand for EMR and connectivity exceeded their capacity to roll it out. Their presentation regarding cost reduction for filing personnel, chart retrieval, transcription services were very impressive. In addition it was found that additional capacity to expand patient volume was significantly improved without adding additional personel.


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