Thursday, November 24, 2005

Anniversary and Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all.
This week marks the first anniversary of the Inland Empire Regional Health Information Organization.

When I embarked on this journey a year ago I had some very ambitious goals. They remain in place. I know where I have been, and where I wanted to go. Needless to say, there have been some twists and turns in the road, but at each fork or crossroad I have met some incredible people, more knowledgable at this than I ever will be. I have gathered a tremendous amount of information and resources.

The most common question I entertain from others is "who is at the table"? sic ( I am not going to be the first lonely person at the party)
My customary response is "We don't have a table yet, just a lot of chairs, some empty and some occupied.

If you want to know why RHIO is taking so long to occur, ask yourself, "what am I doing to accelerate the process?" Are you one of the group that says "let someone else do it, or pay for it" Are you one of those that has to or wants to form another organization at some expense just to plan a RHIO and implement it? Does real business run like that? NO.

If each provider in our region bought 100 dollars worth of shares we would have over 300,000 dollars to capitalize a commercial RHIO. Think about that! A model I am considering is a commercial venture with stock in a private offering. The portal would offer banner and box advertisements from vendors, medical suppliers, whoever would benefit from a "captive" medical audience. Income and revenues could be substantial enough from that source and very moderate to low subscriber fees to sustain a RHIO without grants, or public funding.

Send me your thoughts. Our new emai is

Gary Levin


At 11:51 AM, Blogger cbt said...

Twists, turns and forks in the road are a normal part of of the process for establishing a regional health information network. Keep in mind that it is a process!

For those reflecting on what they are doing to accelerate the process, you might considering asking, "What can I do to help you?"

If you want some ideas visit my weblog, too!


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