Tuesday, September 06, 2005

CME for The Medical Staff


TWENTY FIRST CENTURY INFORMATION ACCESS, IS YOUR MEDICAL STAFF READY? Find further information at: www.riversidehealth.blogspot.com

INLAND RHIO has prepared a continuing medical education program for providers, and their staffs at monthly hospital medical staff meetings,or a noon time CME.
The program will inform attendees of recent advances in electronic medical records and the goals on the Office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology. Numerous RHIOs are developing throughout California.

At the conclusion of the program attendees will be able to discuss

1. What is a RHIO? How can I cost effectively implement EMR?
2. What types of electronic medical records systems are available? Are they specialty specific? Should I buy and EMR ,and when?
3. What is C.P.O.E. What is the EHR vs EMR?
4. What is the return on investment of adopting EMR in your practice
5. How will adopting an EMR affect the practice operation?
6. How do HIPAA and HL7 impact on EMR?
7. Will the system I purchase now become obsolete?
8. How do Pay for Performance and Outcome measures relate to EMRs
9. Should patients (consumers) own their medical record data?
10. What is an ASP application?
11. A glossary of IT terms will be distributed at the lecture.
12. A list of world wide web resources regarding information technology, RHIOs
13. Will EMRs become a mandate?
14. Who has implemented EMR and what has been their experience?
If you wish to schedule this program, please contact us at:



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