Saturday, August 20, 2005

Weekly News Update from your RHIO

Health-eLA / Long Beach RHIO and the Inland Empire RHIO have established a line of communication and discourse.
We are awaiting information from Financial Consulting Group in regard to their First Gateway Solution for interconnectivity.
We have established a matrix of vendors whose EMR solutions are optimized for
1-3 physician group
3-21 physician group
21-100 physicians
and larger groups.

Several vendors have expressed an interest in the RHIO establishing a "buyers group". The participants would receive substantial discounts per provider for software licenses and hardware.

P4P (or pay for performance) is now a hot button issue for insurers. Medicare is talking out of both sides of its mouth (what else is new?). In one set of the law reimbursements will be cut by about 5.0% in 2006 and each year thereafter. A bill is now in Congress that would halt this (the annual last minute modification of a poorly constructed law) and replace it with a reimbursement scheme that would incentivize providers who adopt EMR and/or some type of P4P initiative. How they would be linked is unknown. The figures mentioned are a 1% bonus.....that is a sick joke. The average physician receives about 250,000 a year from medicare. 1% of that amount is 2500 dollars....not one month's investment toward an EMR. Even if you are in the high end of medicare payments, the incentive is less than $5000/year.


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