Saturday, August 27, 2005

Vlogs in Medicine?

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The power of the Internet is amazing. I learn something new every day. As a scientist, I use the Internet as my library when I peruse the literature on learning about high throughput combinatorial techniques and phage display. During my clinical training, the Internet allowed me to share ophthalmic cases with physicians and patients on the other side of the world.

As a blogger, I am learning about vlogs, or video blogs, which is not a new concept for Medrounds. There are bloggers who are mapping their lives and expressing themselves through home videos. Although these bloggers have rudimentary video skills, their sites are read by many. They all have their own following. For instance, Steve Garfield ( posts weekly shows detailing his life in Boston. Amy, another video blogger, builds her fan club through her creativity:

Is there a place for vlogs in medicine? Definitely, but not in the same manner as the above vlogs. When MedRounds Publications was in the early stages of development. The founders felt video will be the next educational media for physicians. Why do interns and residents learn from diagrams and books when a video is worth ten fold the number of words? The old saying of "see one, do one, and teach one" will take a new meaning when MedRounds rolls out their videos for ophthalmic education. Although we're working with several authors to produce educational eBooks and eVideos, MedRounds welcomes any academic author seeking a publisher to distribute their educational videos. I believe these videos will be useful for both physicians and our patients. Older videos, such as this one on Temporal Artery Biopsy (by Sean Donahue, MD, PhD, Jane Mizener, MD, Randall Verdick, BA, and Randy Kardon, MD, PhD at The University of Iowa, Deptartment of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences), are valuable educational resources. Dr. Kardon has kindly added his Temporal Artery Biopsy video as a free download in the MedRounds Bookstore.

Thomas Oetting, MD, one of the founders of MedRounds Publications, is an author and Associate Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology at the University of Iowa. MedRounds is finalizing a cataract surgery electronic textbook that incorporates over one hour of instructional, narrated videos. As a Professor, Dr. Oetting can only train five residents per year. As an author, he can help teach hundreds of residents and ophthalmologists who want to learn cataract surgery and advanced anterior segment techniques. This is one of the video clips from his textbook: needle rhexis. A lower-bandwidth version is available here: needle rhexis in Windows Media Video.

Come back soon for the release of Dr. Oetting's Cataract Surgery for Greenhorns.
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