Sunday, August 21, 2005

Some of us who are interested in Health IT realize there is a great mass of providers who are very busy and relatively happy with their paper medical records, especially in a smaller setting. The changes coming are a bit like "global warming" or the lobster thrown into a cold pot of water, gradually brought up to boiling....suddenly you are cooked. It appears to be a "monster" coming down the track like that locomotive of the DRG and the RVU invented back in the late 1980s
My favorite saying for the month is that "Pefect is the Enemy of The Good". Nature is like that as well, we have evolved as a species from Neanderthal, Homo erectus, Australopithecus, hominids, each one of these species died off to be replaced bya more adaptive species. Perhaps this is what is occuring in medicine as well, with digital technology. Medicine will be far different in ten years from what it is now. Be prepared!

Probably in early October or late September the first RHIO meeting will be held. Some of the invited guests are:

David Brailer, MD (ONCHIT)
Congressmen (women) Calvert, Bacas, Lewis, and Bono
Representatives from the Department of Public Health (Riverside County, San Bernardino)
Representatives from the State of California Department of Public Health
Collaborative Liason from health-eLA
CIOs from major area hospitals
CIOs from major IPAs
and others to be announced.


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