Wednesday, June 01, 2005


GAO: HHS Should Look to Others in Developing Health IT StrategyJune 01, 2005
HHS should study the experiences of other federal agencies and countries as it develops a plan for a national health IT infrastructure, according to a Government Accountability Office report issued last week, TechnologyDaily reports (Belopotosky, TechnologyDaily, 5/31). The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT is developing a national strategy for health IT adoption, but according to the report, "market institutions that would support its goals currently do not exist," Government Computer News reports (Mosquera, Government Computer News, 5/31). According to the GAO, the departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs, as well as Canada, Denmark and New Zealand, recommended that HHS earn the endorsement of top officials, develop and adopt standards, address stakeholder needs and implement IT applications gradually.Also, while HHS plans to address the framework's goals in three phases over several years, it has not set milestones for the first phase and has not made detailed plans or set milestones for the other phases, according to the report (GAO report, 5/27). "Without defined milestones, it remains unclear when the important activities of Phase 1 will be completed to provide the building blocks needed to support the activities of the subsequent phases," according to the report (Government Computer News, 5/31).


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