Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Brailer "Ultimatum??"

Brailer Announces Request for Proposals for Health IT NetworkJune 08, 2005
National Health IT Coordinator Dr. David Brailer on Tuesday officially announced four requests for proposals that will help build a national electronic health network, Healthcare IT News reports. The requests include up to six one-year contracts to develop a prototype of a national health information network, a contract to assess state laws and business policies on privacy and security that undermine health information sharing, a contract to develop and test certification of electronic health records and a contract to develop a process to harmonize standards in software applications. Brailer said he expects to see within a year uniform industry standards for many IT applications and a plan for future standards, a product certification process for ambulatory EMRs, and six national health network prototypes that will compete in three different cities for industry adoption, Healthcare IT News reports. Brailer called the collaboration between the public and private sectors in policy-making "unprecedented" and said it was necessary because the private sector is growing apart on such issues as standards and certification rather than being unified on them, Healthcare IT News reports. However, government-mandated standards would not work, he said. Under this new approach, the government would act more as "catalyst and convener," he said. Brailer said the requests offer the last chance for the private sector to help the industry transform health care. "The next year will make or break everything we are trying to do," he said (Beaudoin, Healthcare IT News, 6/7).


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