Saturday, April 09, 2005

Steve Chase---TurboHealth Ver 1.0 ??

"REVOLUTION" a new company formed by the former AOL-Time Warner CEO Steve Chase has purchased the Wisdom Media Group. Wisddom Media Group is a company that will relocate from West Virginia to the new headquarters in New York City . They have a program base for cable tv in health education. Steve has announced he has invested 500 million dollars in a number of health care related ventures. Mr Chase is known for very innovative thinking and he is now proposing an off the shelf electronic health record. He believes a software package can be designed for the consumer to use. Much like Quicken it could be accessed online and data could be transported back and forth for providers to use in health care. There already are programs available which a cash infusion could be expanded, developed and marketed. One example is "Follow Me" which can be examined at Dr Brailer should look at this idea, and perhaps it can be made interoperable, follow HIPAA and also HL7 standards...


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