Sunday, March 27, 2005

How much would be saved???

The Value of Healthcare Information Exchange and Interoperability - Now Available by the Center for Information Technology Leadership
Price:$85 for members$105 for non-members

HIEI Would Deliver $78 Billion in National Annual Savings!
It's clear that information technology plays a critical role in reducing healthcare costs and improving quality. But while more individual providers are adopting IT in individual settings, the US healthcare delivery system remains fractured: 90% of healthcare transactions are conducted via mail, fax, or phone. Pertinent patient data is undeliverable in 81% of the cases in outpatient clinics. Patients are interacting with multiple providers in multiple settings that are not connected, and the results are alarming in terms of avoidable medical errors and costs. The need for Healthcare Information Exchange and Interoperability (HIEI)--the electronic sharing of information, is apparent. Interoperability will connect providers and their chief care partners: other providers, payers, pharmacies, laboratories, radiology centers, and public health departments. Information exchange among these participants will be instant and seamless.
The value of interoperability is the subject of the most recent report from the Center for Information Technology Leadership (CITL). As a healthcare leader, you will find this report to be very valuable as you determine how CITL's dramatic findings can improve your bottom line. The report also has significant implications for public policy and improving quality care.
After full implementation, HIEI would deliver national annual savings of $77.8 billion! As you plan critical healthcare IT investments, information on interoperability will be essential. This comprehensive, in-depth report features a detailed cost-benefit analysis for different-sized hospital and physician practices, as well as corresponding data for all the stakeholder groups.


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