Thursday, March 03, 2005


National Coordinator for Health IT Spoke on Future Plans
Speaking at the HIMSS meeting in Dallas Texas, Dr Brailer MD, PhD, outlined future plans for his office. The first step will be to release a complete strategic plan that is built upon the Framework for Strategic Action. The plan will be a guide for key stakeholders in the private and public sectors and will involve:
Developing electronic health records and looking at how to lower the risk of EHR investments and at the same time, support adoption particularly for smaller practices and hospitals. The Certification Commission for Health IT is on track to develop a standard for EHRs in ambulatory settings by summer 2005. The work of the Commission is critical to physician and hospital buyers.
Developing regional health information organizations called RHIOs to support the adoption of healthcare IT and the exchange of health information. More than 100 first generation RHIOs have been developing across the country and several of these efforts are statewide. Florida, Wyoming, New Jersey, and Minnesota have all introduced legislation to support the formation of RHIOs, along with West Virginia’s plans to form a statewide RHIO this year.
Developing a National Health Information Network is a top priority. An RFI was published in November and 500 responses were received. A government-wide RFI Review Task Force will produce a public summary and meta-analyses of the RFI responses. The themes from the responses include taking action on standards, governance, privacy, regionalization, financing architecture, and regulation


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