Thursday, March 24, 2005

A Bad Mistep -- Can it be avoided??

from Grace-Marie-Turner's e-newsletter:

CEDARS-SINAI DOCTORS CLING TO PEN AND PAPER Author: Ceci ConnollySource: The Washington Post, 03/21/05
But introducing new technologies into the health sector is not always this successful. Ceci Connolly, a reporter for The Washington Post, describes the failure of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center to adopt a $34 million computer system it developed in-house. "Even well-financed, sophisticated hospitals face enormous hurdles moving from the Marcus Welby era of pen and paper to one in which doctors spend precious minutes entering data into a machine that never went to medical school and does not have the flexibility to make nuanced judgment calls," Connolly writes. Problems including inadequate training and slow technology caused Cedars-Sinai to stop using the system after only three months. "The important lesson of the Cedars-Sinai case is that electronic health record implementation is risky," said David J. Brailer, national coordinator for health information technology. "Up to 30 percent fail." Full text:


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