Thursday, February 17, 2005


Link to David Brailer's keynote address at the Health Information Medical Management Society
February 17,2005 available online:

" The Inside Scoop: Public Policy from a Practical Perspective,"

Link to complete presentation, available online

Providers do not want to be forced to implement solutions without adequate technical support or financial incentives, which will provide challenges as we work toward a National Health Information Network. Dr. Clancy closed her remarks by reminding the audience that the "H" in HIT represents healthy outcomes and should be our reason for bringing technology solutions to the care setting.
Mr. McCulloch provided an insider's view to the landscape on Capitol Hill for 2005. The budget is going to be very tight, so new support for HIT solutions are going to require a lot of public support. He pointed to Medicare Physician Reimbursement as the most critical issue for the year; reminding the audience that a decrease in reimbursements will require clinicians to further delay implementing HIT solutions. Mr. McCulloch strongly encouraged HIMSS attendees to get involved in educating their Members of Congress on the impact HIT solutions can have on patient safety and quality and to be and reminder to the audience that their voice this year will make an enormous impact on the process.


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