Sunday, February 20, 2005


Contact Information: G.M. Levin M.D.
Telephone: 760-345-5714

Dear ;

This announcement is regarding the intended formation of the RRHITIG. This is an invitation to interested parties to participate by responding to the above email address. It is in the early formative stages, and the participation,suggestions and your expertise is essential at this point for proper planning and eventual success.
The ultimate benefactors of this effort will be patients, and the quality and safety of their care. A secondary, and no less important successful result will be significant cost containment and reduction in operating expenses for all concerned.
Important and vital components of the system will include regional hospitals, IPAs, County and Public Health entities, established medical groups, and individual or small group providers.
For the purposes of the initial business implementation plan the region is defined as Riverside County. This may be subject to change once our initial evaluation is completed.
The effort will require considerable capital investment, and we will be seeking interested investors, and financial institutions as partners.
My contacts with David Brailer MD the National Health Information Coordinator have been encouraging. His analysts forecast a saving of close to 25% in healthcare costs as a result of this type of integration of health records systems. His office will coordinate at the National Level, however he feels local initiatives are extremely important as well. PITAC, the Presidents Information Technology Assessment Committee also assesses these efforts as crucial for healthcare in addition to other information technology plans regarding patient monitoring, analysis of data and practice algorithms, and telemedicine initiatives.
Although this effort is in it’s infancy some provider groups are well along with their own electronic health record systems. This initiative is designed to facilitate the implementation for provider groups and hospitals who have not yet adopted this technology. It is also to insure scalability and interoperability for data exchange amongst providers.
The system will be comprehensive and include patient demographics, history, physical findings, laboratory and imaging data, and be flexible to include all specialties.
It will include a pharmaceutical ordering system with built in safeguards for dosing, and incompatibility as well as a complete record of patient medications. The system will remain transparent to providers and patients despite changes in insurance coverage, including state programs and all hospitals in the region.
Many such systems are already in development and being implemented in upstate New York, Massachussetts, Wisconsin and other states, with leadership efforts by those Governors. In California several large IPAs (Hill Physician’s Group and others)have initiated this effort. Governor Arnold Schwarzennegger has already been informed of this effort, and has encouraged it.
Also enclosed are several white papers regarding the industry in general and plans for implementation of this into the health care system.
Public policy and consumer advocacy groups will play an increasingly important role in healthcare and it’s direction.
Based upon the response to this communication a meeting or other venue will be planned for further discussion and planning.
I hope your response will be positive to participate in our first meeting, to be announced. Be sure to respond to this letter via email to


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